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Titles and information about some of the artwork are found on the site by clicking on individual pieces. I use numerous substrates, cotton, linen or agave paper on birch, acrylic or metal; Japanese kozo; and aluminum.

Most of my work involves combining elements from numerous photos to create a scene or abstract piece.


The majority of my images are photo/digital encaustic. The image is printed with archival inks and paper, affixed to a cradled wood panel, coated with UV-protectant varnish, heated, then infused with hot beeswax/hot resin. Encaustic paint and other media may be included in the process.

More about my thinking and art process are covered in the national Encaustic Arts Magazine, Winter 2019 issue, available online at https://www.eainm.com/encaustic-arts-magazine/.

Any issue of this superb magazine offers a good introduction to encaustic artists and how they work, with numerous color photos to illustrate. 

Papel Picado Play
"Papel Picado Play," 16 x 16" digital art on agave paper atop cradled birch panel is one of seven pieces on display at Urban Salon gallery in Austin, TX.
Wimberley, Tx            llrllr43@gmail.com
Austin Nights
"Austin NIghts," 24 x 24" digital art on cotton paper atop a cradled birch panel is one of three pieces on display at Art on 12, Wimberley, TX. The show opens July 10 and runs through August.
Global Warming Is Real, 5th annual national juried show July 10 - Aug. 27, 2021.
Bitcoin_ Its Carbon Footprint Exceeds Entire Nations'
Global Warming Juried Show
"Bitcoin: Its Carbon Footprint Exceeds Entire Nations.' " Digital art/encaustic on cradled birch panel.
"Shifting Perspective," national jured show April 24 - July 12, 2021.
Follow the Dream
Shifting Perspective Juried Show
"Follow the Dream" is part of a national juried show, "Shifting Perspective," by the Encaustic Art Institute and Museum, NM. To see and purchase from the show, please go to https://www.eainm.com/shifting-perspective-jurors-choices/